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It's like the "lets draft a QB in round 4" because we need to find PFM replacement. Let's move on from Clady and draft his replacement

We need to upgrade Beadles so let's draft a Oline in round 2 because he will be better when Beadles was drafted in round two. Odd thinking if you ask me.

When you want to build a team all things equal you get the QB then LT.
LTs don't grow on trees. I'm sure they will come to an agreement that both sides can find beneficial

You have to be careful judging Clady on '11 when they were ask to switch up mid stream and none of the Olinemen knew where Tebow was and he held onto the ball way too long.

A 3 step drop has to be a 3 step drop in the NFL and then the QB needs to get the ball out to the right WR.

Ask Kupes dad if Olinemen are asked to block all day on any play. No they are asked to do their job and the QB is asked to do his.

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