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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Del Rio had a two gap NT scheme in Baltimore and early in JAX..
Baltimore Adams and Goose
JAX Henderson and Stroud

Then he adopted to a pass rushing UT, to adapt to the game evolving.
It was a run first league then, now it's a pass first league.

Price, I 100% agree this team is a NT away from a dominant 3-4 front. They have 4-3 coaches though and can't keep changing but a let's look at what the 3-4 look could be..

Wolfe DE, Warren DE
Bannan DE, Jackson DE
Siliga NT..... Need a starting NT

Miller OLB, Doom OLB
Hunter OLB, Woodyard and Trevathan Coverage OLBs

Irving ILB, Franklin ILB
The linebacking would stink.

dj-not good enough at shedding blocks or playing in traffic to play inside. Miller stinks at pass coverage. Doom stinks at coverage. Mays same as DJ, just not that physical or big. Inside backers in a 3-4 often take on guards. at DJ taking on guards. He can barely make it at weakside in a 4-3. The DE would work and that is about it. Horrible idea. Switching back to 4-3 the best move they could have made.
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