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Trevor Penrose

I finished off Gunther Schulers Early Jazz, more non-fiction music appreciation than anything but a very good read and some nice notation of a couple of Pop's best trumpet solos.

I decided to read Asimov's foundation series, almost through the 1st one.

One of my neighbors sells used books with another retired teacher out of her house, one of them is really into beat stuff so i picked up some more Kerouac, I enjoyed the 1st 2 books of his I got over the last 2 years.

I also bought a Grahm Greene book from the same sale, I have heard a lot of good things about him and am looking forward to it.

I checked out Jazz by Toni Morrison mostly because I must have been on ambien at the time and didn't remember. I thought it was fiction based on non-fiction events but confused, not sure if I am going to read it or not if anyone has read it let me know if it is worth the time.
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