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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'm going to disagree with you somewhat here. In principle, I agree he isn't who he appeared to be. I do think a lot of his issues have to deal with playing with two of the easiest to sack QB's in the league (for ironically completely opposite reasons) the past two years, as well as going from Ben Hamilton to "just some guys" at RG. I think Cutler made the line look better than they were as he rarely took sacks (for both good and bad reasons.)

My point is, Clady is no longer considered "the best" LT in the league, but I do think he is still top ten, and with better interior players, and a QB that knows what he's doing behind center, I think Clady is worth an extension.
Clady is definitely worth an extension, at the very least he is a very servicable starter quality LT, who is strong in the run game and can keep a pocket passer pretty upright.

He clearly has upside to be more than that, and given his age and injury history (only one major injury) I think he is a no brainer to get resigned.

I have not been a big fan of the Eagles M.O. when it comes to resigning promising young players to long deals with relatively little in terms of guaranteed money because you tend to end up with disgruntled players. I do think however that with Clady we are in a situation now that we can sign him at a reasonable deal, he is not going to get Joe Thomas like money. If we can get him at around the value of Donald Penn that would be a solid signing - if we let him get near free agency not only do we risk him having a great year with Manning (which is not impossible) we also risk alienating him with the franchise tag - I think we are better off as a team to get negotiations rolling and then try to sign him early in the season to a 5 year deal.
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