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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I'd tread carefully on this if I were the Broncos. PFT had a post about Clady today and his decline statistically, it wasn't pretty. I think he needs to really prove himself this year before he gets seriously paid. He isn't the same and needs to get alot better.
I'm going to disagree with you somewhat here. In principle, I agree he isn't who he appeared to be. I do think a lot of his issues have to deal with playing with two of the easiest to sack QB's in the league (for ironically completely opposite reasons) the past two years, as well as going from Ben Hamilton to "just some guys" at RG. I think Cutler made the line look better than they were as he rarely took sacks (for both good and bad reasons.)

My point is, Clady is no longer considered "the best" LT in the league, but I do think he is still top ten, and with better interior players, and a QB that knows what he's doing behind center, I think Clady is worth an extension.
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