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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
Yeah, and if that's true then I wish they had let him walk. I realize he's the most experienced middle linebacker they've got, but they're also really hoping that Irving pans out and even if he doesn't they're going to need to upgrade the position eventually. I would have preferred the money be spent on another defensive tackle or something.
I'm not yet convinced either but knowng what otheri holes they had to fill they are making do or hoping he turns into another ray lewis..

If he does a good job his contract is such that he would be tradeable also IF Irving comes on strong..

I think most of Y'all fail to realize that there is no way you can afford 8 pro bowlers on each side of the LOS even IF they could find them..

There are always going to be role players.. Some players that are not quite pro bowlers but still good enough to turn the team into a top ten or 5 defense..

As I have always said up grade the DL and everyone behind them becomes better.. May never be all pro. But the DL and OL makes everyone behind them either great or lousy.

Simple fact of life.. Something DEN have failed to grasp for a long time..

Does anyone think that Emmet Smith would have lasted as long or set as many records had he played in DEN instead of DAL?
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