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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
folks in the know liked Orton as the starter to give us the best chance to win,Goodman as the starter opposite Champ,our DT situation.

just because a coach doesn't have a major issue with it doesn't mean it's not a key concern. any coach worth his salt is gonna use what he has to the best of his abilities, he's never going to say we need better players at X or Y position.

we need better LB corp help at MLB. it's not a question, you can look at the film since Wilson got hurt and see that it's been a huge hole and a exploited one by opposing offenses. they've fixed CB, working on S but MLB and DT are still holes on the D and while i love this coaching staff and think Elway is doing a great job. but that is the next key thing that needs to be fixed.
Got to remember that we NOW have a professional coaching staff as well as Elway at the helm.. I beleive that he has an eye for talent, listens to and respects his coaching staff.. Unlike mikey and most likely Josh.

no more mickey mouse dafts or signing expensive FAs to haul their asses out of the fire for another season, like we have seen the past decade or more..

as to your comments about the LB corps sure we can upgrade there as we can at every spot on the team save perhaps Manning and Champ*..

But we have to have priorities good LB's become great LBs with a great DL in front of them..the LB corps do not make great DL's. We seem to have upgraded that and I suspect that because of that the LB's all of them will be just that much better..

IMO replacing DJ with a better WIL will upgrade the team more than replacing Mays. Since we have no idea what we have in Irving and the otehr LB I'm going to let the coaching staff prioritize what they feel they need first..
* some will say that Doom and Miller should be on this list but they are flawed as well they are not 3 down players YET.. Nor has Clady played like his old self..
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