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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Who exactly in the "know" likes Joe Mays as a starting MLB in the NFL? I'd like some actual references and links please.

Oh and Manning's no huddle offense isn't exactly known for giving defenses long breathers. Not sure where you got that.
I heard somewhere that NO and another team maybe JAX were hot in pursuit of him, both teams that are known for their consistently good defenses.. sorry but it was something I heard maybe on NFLN or radio so links not going to happen..

I also have seen some surprising stats on his tackling ranking him in the top 5 IIRC. After reading those and seeing that JDR obviously had a hand in getting him resigned gave me pause for my thinking it was a dumb thing to do..

as for Manning making the D better that was OUR defense getting better because they should be on the field less.

Hope that clarifies my post..
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