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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The problem is that I don't really see us having a top ten offense this year either. That's why I'm saying we need a top 10 defense to win a Super Bowl with Manning.

This applies strictly to his first year as a Bronco and all the transitional issues I expect to come along with it. Assuming Manning ultimately returns to his previous from (something I'll believe when I see it), I would think the offense will be much better offensively in his second year and beyond.
Good points but I expect barring injuries that instead of fading down the stretch this coming year we will be gaining MO..

We finally have a qualified DC and a Defensive minded coach and needles to say a HOF QB while it will take some time form him to turn the O around to his way of doing things (perfection) by mid-season we should be about there..

NOW that said we have what looks to be a brutal schedule second hardest in the NFL according to last years standings.. We all know that does not mean it is cast in stone BUT good teams are usually good team year after year and unless they have catastrophic injuries they probably will be good this coming year..
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