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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
this is exactly why people who lived,breathed and slept football were at a loss to explain how Tebow could play so badly for 45-55 mins and then all of a sudden turn into a beast late in the game. we played some atrocious football under Tebow, we were horrible under Orton but Tebow won whereas Orton sucked and still lost.
All I am saying is that our offensive ineptitude is just as overstated as our defensive ineptitude is understated. The Denver Broncos defense will have to be VASTLY improved to be a top-10 unit this year. I don't see it happening. This thread is full of a lot of orange colored glasses, and that's cool, it's a Broncos board. But don't act like those of us who are like "uhhhh, did you see our defense last year, or were you too busy whining about Tebow?" don't have a damned good point.
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