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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
we ranked 6th in the league last yr on 3rd down.
True, and taking it just a bit further, were 12th in 3d down attempts against.

But, as JDR said, 24th in scoring D.

Also 2nd giving up 40+ pass plays (13 of 'em, wow), 23rd 20+ pass plays, 14th TD's allowed, 28th in INT's, 19th in first downs allowed, 10th in sacks.

Ninth in 20+ yd rushes given up (14 of 'em, wow), 18th 40+ rushes (only one, no big deal), 21st fumbles, 12th APC.

A mixed bag certainly, and JDR was spot on looking at the Big Three that has to be improved - explosive plays, pts allowed. But maybe and hopefully they'll have it a little more together this year.

The turnovers created were just horrible, JDR didn't mention that here, but I'm sure that's an emphasis.
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