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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The problem is that I don't really see us having a top ten offense this year either.

Are you crazy? This is gonna be the first season since perhaps '96-'98 where the Broncos O steps onto the field and says "Well, we're gonna get our 24-30 points....."

That's why I'm saying we need a top 10 defense to win a Super Bowl with Manning.

While I disagree (as does recent history) that you need a top 10 D to win it damn sure doesn't hurt, and is one less thing to worry's to hoping our D can keep opponents consistently under 20 points per game....but it's very comforting knowing we have a QB that can put more than 13 points up per game...hell, he'll do that before halftime in most games.

This applies strictly to his first year as a Bronco and all the transitional issues I expect to come along with it. Assuming Manning ultimately returns to his previous form (something I'll believe when I see it), I would think the offense will be much better offensively in his second year and beyond.

I'm sure he won't start blasting the league in week one or two, but I'm guessing by mid-season we'll be one tough team to keep under 24-30 points...and I agree in year two and beyond we will see marked improvement

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