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Originally Posted by CEH View Post
If you count turnovers in the first series of each drive DET and NYJ had 8 3 and outs. CHI had 7. When you only get 12-14 drives a game and you end up punting 5+ staright times tough on a defense

NYJ game Denver punted 8 straight times.
CHI game 7 straight punts or turnover with an extra end of half
BUF 5 straight punts, TD then 6 staight drives ending in a punt of turnover
KC 5 straight punts or turnover then a FG and 5 more punts or turnovers
NE 5 straight punts or turnover

So when we were winning and losing the offense was going long periods of not producing points or even attempting FGs
this is exactly why people who lived,breathed and slept football were at a loss to explain how Tebow could play so badly for 45-55 mins and then all of a sudden turn into a beast late in the game. we played some atrocious football under Tebow, we were horrible under Orton but Tebow won whereas Orton sucked and still lost.
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