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Wow Shanny! Look, I watch football. A lot of it. I know Rivers spreads the ball around. Never once did I say his deep ball was a product of Jackson. We all know that good qbs make average WRs better. See Manning....VJ is no scrub WR though. And like I said, he was making most of the highlight catches. Any WR would benefit from a good QB throwing them the ball. Thanks for pointing out the obvious though...
You made it sound like Rivers' deep ball wouldn't be a factor because Jackson wouldn't be around to catch those 'highlight passes', and said you weren't too concerned about it 'this time around'. I was just pointing out that it was a silly comment to make.

Rivers has thrown 65+ passes of over 20 yards each of the past three seasons, and in 2010 only three of them were caught by Jackson. The year before that, Gates and Floyd combined for almost twice as many.

Don't get all defensive if it's that obvious.
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