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Corrections appear below:

Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post

Only two will survive.

The following ghosts each get one vote in this round:

Ghost of Rohirrim
Ghost of Navy Broncos Fan
Ghost of JLesPE
Ghost of VanceJohnson82
Ghost of fixedmind
Ghost of Boobs McGee
Ghost of canadianbroncosfan

Each vote counts as one (1) vote.

Here are the finalists:

Lev Vyvance

Each finalist has a choice to make. The finalist can either strike at other survivors or cower before the ghost vote. A finalist can also simply abstain.

A finalist who chooses to strike at other survivors gets two votes. They can be taken against the same target or split between two targets. He can also choose to cast only one vote, throwing the other to the sea.

If, on the other hand, a finalist chooses to cower, then he is immune to ghost votes. But he gets no votes whatsoever to use against the other finalists.

A finalist who abstains gets no benefit. In fact, in this round only, they get one additional shark bite (for tie-breaking purposes only).

In the event that, after applying normal tiebreakers, more than two people tie for the championship, then the entire round is voided (except for accumulated shark-bites) and we enter a sudden death round with the same seven finalists. In a sudden death round, the same rules apply, except that each ghost gets a number of votes equal to the total number of votes it took to kill it in the first place.

And if that still winds up in a tie, itís a tie.

VOTES ARE DUE BY 10:00 AM, mdt, TUESDAY, May 22.

Good luck!
Due to the corrected error, any votes cast so far in this Round 11 must be recast.
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