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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Lots of folks in the know like our MLB

AS for Wolfe he just needs to be consistent and everyone around him gets better..
When he comes off for a breather his replacement has to do the same..

Manning should make the D better by giving them longer bench time and forcing the other team to score more.. Playing from behind tends to make for loads of turnovers, sacks..
folks in the know liked Orton as the starter to give us the best chance to win,Goodman as the starter opposite Champ,our DT situation.

just because a coach doesn't have a major issue with it doesn't mean it's not a key concern. any coach worth his salt is gonna use what he has to the best of his abilities, he's never going to say we need better players at X or Y position.

we need better LB corp help at MLB. it's not a question, you can look at the film since Wilson got hurt and see that it's been a huge hole and a exploited one by opposing offenses. they've fixed CB, working on S but MLB and DT are still holes on the D and while i love this coaching staff and think Elway is doing a great job. but that is the next key thing that needs to be fixed.
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