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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
The situation is more of how the official scorer wants to score it. You can just rule it a FC, RBI situation depending on how the OF dropped the ball.

Also, giving the hitter the RBI is iffy IMO, because you can't guarantee the run would score if the fielder caught the ball.
I'd say E9 allowing the run to score, and E9 for getting the guy on first, however the runner that was on first is out on the regular 9-6.
For the record, it was definitely an error. The RF camped under it and simply dropped it. The fly was far enough in RF that anyone but Pablo Sandoval would have been able to tag up, and I'm sure that since it was done on a video game, the computer probably calculated speed and throwing attributes and determined that to be the case and awarded the RBI.

You're right about it all depending on how the official scorer goes, but I spoke with my brother, showed him the replay before telling him how the computer scored it, and his response was the same. More than likely the official scorekeeper would have scored it an E9, FC 9-6, and the hitter gets an RBI.

It was a weird as hell play, and if I knew how to upload, I'd load it up here just for ****s and giggles. MLB 12 The Show is amazing, and is by far the most realistic sports game I've ever played, or at least not counting games like Baseball Mogul. It still has some glitches, but unlike other games there are no major issues that make it unplayable or unrealistic, and very few glitches or things that the programming isn't capable of that detract from gameplay. BTW if anyone who plays reads this and wants to set up some games, I'm all for it. I suck, but have found the vs. play almost as enjoyable as Road to the Show.
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