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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
My brother is a college umpire, and I asked him but haven't heard back from him. I would score it E9, FC 9-6, RBI. Incidentally when it happened to me today in MLB 12 The Show, that is also how the computer scored it. Amazing how realistic games are these days.

Also another reason I love baseball. Every play can be neatly categorized into a relatively small sequence of letters and numbers, and you can take one look at them and envision the play in your head.
The situation is more of how the official scorer wants to score it. You can just rule it a FC, RBI situation depending on how the OF dropped the ball.

Also, giving the hitter the RBI is iffy IMO, because you can't guarantee the run would score if the fielder caught the ball.
I'd say E9 allowing the run to score, and E9 for getting the guy on first, however the runner that was on first is out on the regular 9-6.
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