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“The areas we were good at last year we want to build on. Getting off on third down was a strength of this defense for sure. But at the end of the day, it was 24th in points allowed, 20th in yards allowed, and those aren’t numbers that we’re looking for. So we gotta do some work up front, making sure that we can keep people from running it down our throats a little bit. We gave up too many explosive plays in the run and the pass game.

Meh, we'll see. Maybe JDR will be the guy that actually stops the 20+, 30+, 40+ yd plays. Denver has been one of the worst in those categories for about 10 years. I'm not at all sure how they're gonna limit those "explosive plays" with basically the same front seven in terms of actual on-field ability. They must be counting on Wolfe a lot to provide some disruption. Hopefully, dumping Goodman has to count to eliminate a few explosive plays, not only in the passing D, but the rush D also.

Well, maybe they'll get a little bit better. Also, seems like JDR will surely be looking to be an HC again.
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