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Default Rules: ROUND 9

Things always seem darkest right before it goes pitch black.

Here comes the Ghost Round:

The Rules.

Surviving players vote as normal and none have immunity.

In addition, ghosts may vote this round.

Specifically, we have ten of them:

The Ghost of fixedMind, murdered in Round 1.
The Ghost of Conklln, thrown to the sharks in Round 2.
The Ghost of sirhchyennek. Need I say it? You bastards killed Kenney in Round 3.
The Ghosts of gyldenlove and ghwk, brutally backstabbed in Round 4.
The Ghosts of Boobs McGee and DHallblows, slain without pity in Round 6.
The Ghost of theAPAOps5, killed by cowards in the dark in Round 7.
The Ghosts of Bowtown and JCMElway, betrayed in Round 8.

Some ghosts are merciful, some are pensive, and some are angry.

Each ghost has three options this round.

1. If you are an angry ghost, you may cast your wrath against a single survivor. You may not cast more than I such vote, but it will count as two votes against the poor victim.

2. If you are a merciful ghost, you may, instead, form an ectoplasmic shield around one surviving player of your choice, which will negate all ghost votes against that player. But not the votes from other survivors.)

Ghosts who act either in anger or in mercy (options one and two above) are done with the game and may go on to the great beyond.

3. If you are a confused and pensive ghost, you may abstain this round and choose to “linger.” Ghosts who choose to linger may bide their time and cast one “normal” vote in a future round of their choice.

THREE survivors will be eliminated this round in the order of most votes sustained, with tiebreakers applying as usual.

All votes – whether from the living or unloving, are due by NOON, Thursday, May 17. PM them to me.

Good luck. Some of you may need it.
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