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Originally Posted by WolfpackGuy View Post
Are they talking true no huddle/hurry up or the Colts' half huddle while calling everything at the line?
Manning's No-Huddle. It gives a big advantage to the Offense, because the Defense can't substitute. The Defense can change looks, or bring different blitzes, but the Offensive formation is always the same, so all Manning has to do is audible the routes or blocking assignments. The skill players on Offense become very familiar with the Defensive players they are facing, and are able to win battles consistently. Rather than constantly changing formations and shuttling personnel in and out in an attempt to confuse the Defense. The Colts utilized their 6 best skill players out of the base formation, all game long. Manning was able to study the Defense, it's tendencies, the match-ups, and capitalize on the Defensive weaknesses. You also have the opportunity to score quickly.

All these factors result in a perennial top scoring Offenses, no matter the personnel changes from year to year.

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