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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Cmac821 View Post
holy analysis, that is great stuff. I like the idea of a no huddle, especially when it kicks in when the defensive subs out the first time.

What are chances Manning will have creative control on the offensive?
And dont forget the added CRUSH of the no huddle on opposing Defenses at Mile High :-) ... Usually we have been on the receiving end of such a no huddle in our stadium but our guys are at least acclimated to the altitude.

In contrast, now it will be our offense all dialed in at a mile high and running full bore all day long and the opposing D will be crying for Mama and puking on their shoes by the second series of the second half in each of those home games!

Ryan Clark, make DAMN sure you sit out that first game again in September at Mile High or it could well be the morgue for you after a game of Manning's no huddle brutality at altitude instead of just a typical flight back in defeat to Pittsburg.
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