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Right. But here is my main point. I do not think there should be a 3rd WR on this team to make more than 30 catches this year. It will be supremely more beneficial to operate with both Tamme (Big mismatch in the passing game against DB's and LB's) AND Dreessen (versatile weapon as a run-blocker and pass catcher), than by taking out a TE or the RB for an additional WR. Both the Colts (2006) and Patriots (2011) have had great success utilizing 2 TE sets.

It would be better if Caldwell/Hill/Stokley/etc. only saw the field to rarely spell DT or Decker.
Yeah, I haved witnessed this for years. They will sub in and use Caldwell. Manning spreads the ball around, so 30 for Caldwell could be very accurate! Not to mention they didn't target a big play receiver in the draft or in FA, so yes I see majority of 2TE sets, with Caldwell/Stokely if he makes the team, getting involved as well.
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