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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Price this is solid stuff.

Indy ran something like 80% of their plays from either 2TE or 3WR sets. So I agree I 100% expect to see that most of the time in Denver. Peyton doesn't even need an intricate play book to make a Super Bowl caliber offense, his audibles at the line put players in the right positions to make plays.

He does not make bad throws, his picks are from great plays by defenders, many dropped or tipped passes from his receivers, a WR missing his route.

He has typically had dreadful OLines, Denver's is better except at Center..
Right. But here is my main point. I do not think there should be a 3rd WR on this team to make more than 30 catches this year. It will be supremely more beneficial to operate with both Tamme (Big mismatch in the passing game against DB's and LB's) AND Dreessen (versatile weapon as a run-blocker and pass catcher), than by taking out a TE or the RB for an additional WR. Both the Colts (2006) and Patriots (2011) have had great success utilizing 2 TE sets in a pass-first Offense. It would be better if Caldwell/Hill/Stokley/etc. only saw the field to rarely spell DT or Decker.

Having both Tamme and Dreessen in the game at the same time, creates a myriad of mismatches that adding a FB or 3rd WR could never hope to do. 2 big, fast TE's are almost unguardable, and significantly open up the running game.

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