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McCoy's recent comments about wanting to establish a "2 back system", because the Broncos have "had so much success with it over the last 2 years", made me laugh.

Although having a 2-back look, at times could be helpful. The Broncos don't have a dependable fullback. The Colts had little success out of the 2-back look with Mike Hart in 2009. It would be helpful to have a pass-catching, dependable FB on the roster, for some short-yardage/goal line situations (2-3 times per game). Nothing more.

The beauty of the Manning Offense is the simplistic formations, and ability of any skill player to catch the ball, on any play. Adding a non-pass catching FB to the base-formation would severely limit Manning's options. McCoy's failure to see this is unbelievable.

Keep your g*ddamn hands off this offense, McCoy.

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