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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
Can I get an explanation on the points? I've received one vote in the first rounds, so sinking the ship counted as four black marks?
Originally Posted by Old Dude View Post

Unfortunately, if more than the maximum capacity of players attempt to board any one lifeboat (or to grab the preserver) the lifeboat is destroyed and does no good for anyone. Not only that, but everyone who attempted to get on it gets a number of bruises (counting as “black marks” for future tie-breaking purposes) equal to the total number of greedy selfish people who unsuccessfully attempted to swarm onto the boat.

Pretty simple, huh? I guess not, how is this guy still in the game and I'm sitting on the outside laughing at him/her/it/
dont bother looking back a few pages, that might take some effort
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