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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
**** dude, you okay?
Had a relapse with my MCD/Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney stuff) and it shuts down my ability to filter waste and fluids. Basically, I had 30 pounds of crap built up in my I coudn't get rid of, but now I'm on treatment for a month and within the past week -- they are back functioning so I'm normal.

Five years ago I wondered what went wrong with me. I had always been in good shape and never over 175 pounds (around 5'10 - 5/11) -- and I had ballooned with exercising every day.

Now I got my beach bod back again, but you can imagine putting on 30-35 pounds in a few weeks -- it gave me crappy stretch marks like nuts. Looks like I got raped by a tiger or a girl dug her nails all into my sides and top of my stomach. They are fading quick though.

Low carbs, low sodium. Eating fruits, veggies and fish and chicken as most of my main meal. Water all the time. I'm going to keep morphing into something awesome. For the frist time in a long time I like taking off my shirt and looking in the mirror. Gotta get some pecs tho.
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