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No, I'm not missing the mark. The Rangers have an amazing lineup and due to that, not every star player has to come up big for that team to win. If Hamilton and Cruz fall asleep in a game, they still have Young, Kinsler, Napoli, etc. that could easily win them a game by picking up the slack. VERY few teams have that capability.
You most definitely are missing the mark. In a couple of instances they've had one of their big guns step up and carry them. Fielder and Cabrera are capable of doing this as well. Just because Texas have a lot of threats up and down their lineup, that doesnt mean they're all producing every game or every series. As I've pointed out more than once now, they've had one of the big guns really step up on a couple of occasions. Still your point lacks relevance because it's not exactly an argument for why they shouldnt sign Fielder. Yeah, he's a lot of money but if he produces at the right time like Cruz or Hamilton have in recent years, he can also have a huge impact on a series. And even if it's Cabrera and not Fielder who has the big series, if it's because Fielder is batting behind him and causing Cabrera to see more pitches, he's still having a presence.
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