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The Rangers didn't just have Nelson Cruz and Hamilton though, Kinsler, Michael Young, Andrus, Beltre, Napoli, they have a VERY strong lineup.Why people think the signing of Fielder for Detroit is bad is due to the fact signing a guy for $20 mil a year with the up and down seasons he has had is kind of odd. If he stays on his current pace this season, you are paying $20 million to hit 25 homeruns, drive in 80 runs and have an OPS of .862.

I really think some team is going to drastically overpay for Josh Hamilton at the end of the year, and when they do, they will regret it because he will not hold up very long.
I agree the Rangers had a strong lineup but you're missing the mark here. It's not like the Rangers were typically beating teams like the Yankees 14-7. They've been winning a lot of 7-4 type of games where that one player had a big impact.
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