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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by WhoIsJohnGalt View Post
interesting read....but it leads me to believe that MLB has too many selfish players these days. it's more about padding their HR stats than winning games to some of these guys.

my advice these these players,

1) you can still hit your HRs on the road.
2) learn to hit doubles if the fences are too far back.
3) you don't need HRs to win.
4) the fact that you're not hitting HRs also means that the opponent isn't either.
5) shut up. you're get paid mountains of money to play a game that you and i both know you would play for free.
I knew a report about Chase Headley fighting ANYTHING would be false.

I think the problems with PetCo get way overblown simply because the Madres suck so bad. I personally feel that PetCo plays pretty fair. The big boys don't have problems hitting them out with regularity there. Admittedly the right handers have an advantage, but Dunn, Fielder, and Bonds...etc have or had no problems there. It's the gimps that complain a la Phil Nevin.

I'm with Adams on this one. Shut the **** up and score some runs. Hit line drives to start.
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