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Default Round 5 - Scramble for the Lifeboats. RESULTS

The following people, in no particular order, chose to remain on deck:

JLesSPE; bfoflcommish; theAPAOps5; broncosteven; JCMElway; phibacka31; Navy Broncos Fan; VanceJohnson82; DHallblows; houghtam and Falconer.

None of these individuals will have immunity in Rounds 6 or 7. On the other hand, none of them suffered any additional “black marks” for future tie-breaking purposes. Good show, gents!

Turning to the Lifeboats.

Lifeboat “A” (the luxury boat with a capacity of 4) was occupied by bowtown; ludo21 and DBroncos4life.

Not only did they safely make it aboard, they got footroom to spare! These opportunistic three have complete immunity for Rounds 6 and 7!

Those heading for Lifeboat “B” (with a capacity of 3) were not so lucky. canadianbroncosfan; Lev Vyvanse; and Rohirrim almost made it, until Boobs McGee jumped aboard at the last moment and wrecked the boat.

None of these individuals will have immunity. In addition, each of them gains four “black marks” that count against them for future tie-breaking purposes.

In the leaky Lifeboat “C” (capacity 2) we find only BroncoMan4ever.

Perhaps he should check his deodorant. In any event, he gets immunity for Round 6 only.

Lifeboat “D” (capacity 1) drifts away without a passenger. Oh well.

ROUND 6 Begins NOW.

Votes are due by or before NOON, Monday. (MDT as usual). Each of you gets one vote. THE TOP TWO vote-getters will be ELIMINATED!!!

Any votes cast against those awarded with immunity this round will be invalid and treated as abstentions.

Those who won immunity may still cast their own votes, however.

Have a fabulous weekend!
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