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Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
I agree with the conclusion on the bas formation, but I do think we'll use some 3WR sets.

I believe (not sure though) that the Colts were the only team to ever have three WRs with 100 catches in the same season.
If they did, the 3rd guy would have been Clark (a TE).

It was amazing how many different formations the Saints ran in SuperBowl XLIV, as opposed to the Colts vanilla base formation. Both were very effective. I just don't see a reliable 3rd WR option. One thing the 2009 Colts did was split Addai wide (rarely)...which I could see the Broncos doing with Hillman. I see nothing wrong with past Manning Offense's, and I hope Manning takes over the primary design of the offense and play-calling. I am tired of McCoy's gimmicks (Tebow) and bubble-screens (Orton). McCoy really needs to leave it to the expert (Manning).

Neither Manning, nor Brady have consistently used a 3rd WR, if a viable 2nd TE option is present on the roster. The Broncos No-Huddle has an ability to be just as unstoppable as New England's Offense if DT and Decker can consistently get open and catch the ball. Demaryius Thomas is the deep-threat that the Patriots don't have.
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