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No one gets eliminated this round! Whoo-peeee!

Not only that, but you’ve all got a chance for immunity by getting into one of our lifeboats.

Unfortunately, we weren’t expecting to sink and skimped on the lifeboats so we could pack more booze, broads and blow. Oops.

We have four lifeboats, which I’ll describe below. Each of you may PM me, on or before NOON Friday (MDT) with the letter of the Lifeboat you want to try to enter. Choose only one.

Lifeboat “A” has four slots and is fully equipped with a surround sound state-of the-art home theatre and bar.

Lifeboat “B” has three slots and a new paint job.

Lifeboat “C” has two slots and leaks a bit.

Lifeboat “D” is basically just a life-preserver. But it’s orange, if that helps.

Those entering lifeboats A and B get FULL Immunity from elimination in Rounds 6 and 7. Not only that, but they can whack people with their paddles. (ie they can vote too!)

Those entering lifeboat C get only one round of immunity (Round 6) but they can also vote.

Anyone getting the life preserver (Lifeboat D) gets one round of immunity but, unfortunately will be too busy shivering in the frigid water to vote that round.

Of course, you don’t have to try to enter one of the lifeboats. You can be a MAN about it and stay on deck, essentially giving up your seat to the less fortunate. Players who abstain will be deemed to have stayed on deck.

Unfortunately, if more than the maximum capacity of players attempt to board any one lifeboat (or to grab the preserver) the lifeboat is destroyed and does no good for anyone. Not only that, but everyone who attempted to get on it gets a number of bruises (counting as “black marks” for future tie-breaking purposes) equal to the total number of greedy selfish people who unsuccessfully attempted to swarm onto the boat.

Pretty simple, huh?

Up to TEN people can get immunity for Round 6 if you just go about it in an orderly and organized fashion! SO BE NICE! I’m sure we’ll have no problems.

As mentioned, the Deadline for choosing a boat is NOON tomorrow.
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