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Originally Posted by ghwk View Post
Well MUTHER *&%# to you all who voted for me.
If you were going to do this the least you could have done was get it done right and make me FIRST. No one remembers fourth out in this game NO ONE!! At least Number One gets some press and notoriety, number four is just another forgotten carcass serving as fish food while the rest of you dance your little victory jig. You suck, ALL of you who voted for me. Those that betrayed me beware the cold steely knife that will draw rivulets of blood before you too are cast into the deep to swim with the Sharks. Your time is coming. When Old Dude gives us the Zombie round where the Living Dead once again get to come out and swim you better be locked away in your shipping crates below deck wrapped tight in your alliance where you canít be found and no Kate Winslet to keep you company either. Because you are next, I swear it. The dead form alliances as well and we have really long memories because there isnít **** to do but think about it.

From my watery grave you can ALL kiss the Barnacles on my A**. At least I donít have to answer 70 PMís anymore. This game blows.

That is all.
eh, I've had better
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