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Yeah, I question Detroit's pitching too.
Verlander is an Ace, but they have questions. Scherzer is pitching like crap, Porcello below average, Smyly is a nice surprise, but will that last? Fister is a solid pitcher actually, not overly great, but a decent arm.
The bullpen though, Valverde has been terrible out there. I wonder if he's in danger of losing his job.
Unless I'm missing someone, I can't think of an AL team that have two Aces. It seems the only teams with two are in the NL.

SF (Lincecum/Cain)
Phi (Halladay/Lee)
LA (Kershaw, Billingsley?)

BTW, Jacob Turner could turn things around. He's supposed to be super talented. By the time the playoffs roll around, he might have hit his stride.
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