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Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
I recognize this is not a problem necessarily for most of this survivors' members...

Anyhoo. Scenario for all of you. You are in an alliance with a guy, nothing serious. He seems like the type of guy you like, isnt super flamboyant, says he likes sports. Will actually eat at a restaurant. First round comes and goes, and he doesnt call back, misses some coffee get togethers, whatever. You finally track him down and find out he's pissed because "he wont come second to Old Dude". When pressed about liking vancejohnson82, you get the "well I only said that because you liked him..."

What the ****. Why lie about what you like? Does this make any ****ing sense. If you know you dont like vancejohnson82, or any of my alliance members at all, why pretend you do? Why create a scene because my reaction is not what you expected? ****ing drama. Can no one be ****ing normal?

ghwk's men ****ing suck. And not just in the good way. Dumb ****ing bastards.

**** sticks.
Ha ha awesome!
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