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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
This game is like playing in a football game where there are 22 people on the field but they don't know who the teams are or what position they should play!
It's even harder to figure what's going on when you're up here on the surface with the rest of the spectators. Now and then we see some bubbles coming up or catch sight of a thrashing fin here and there. But you never really know who got chomped until the body comes bobbing to the surface.

From there, it's a matter of circumstantial forensics, but even then we can only guess at the next victim - - and just when you think you see a pattern developing, it always seems to take an unforseen turn. Some random schmuck bobs to the surface and you wonder ... what did THEY do to deserve that? Were they just in the way? Were they already bleeding? Was this a payback for something deep in the past? Or was it just a matter of luck?
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