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Here NapTownchief I'll make it real simple for you:
NapTownChief wrote:
If McNair were saddled with the Colts D and Manning had the Titans the past several years Manning would probably have a ring or two and McNair's teams would struggle to sniff the playoffs. Just my worthless opinion however
Indy Defense:
299.3 Yards per game (11th)
21 Points Per game

Titan's D:
306 Yards per game (12th)
20.3 Points per game

Indy Defense:
306.8 Yards per game (8th)
19.6 Points Per game

Titan's D:

310 Yards per game (10th)
20.3 Points per game

You want to tell us all again how McNair wouldn't even "sniff the playoffs" if he had Manning's D (which was actually better than what McNair had)?

In 2002 while Manning's team was getting beat down 41-0 by the Jets in the wild card playoffs, McNair was leading his injury riddled O-Line missing Eddie George and their number 2 WR to the AFC Championship.

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