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Originally Posted by NaptownChief
h McNair is twice the QB cause I said so....uhhhhh so that makes it fact.

That is impressive....Not only better, but "twice the QB" and you really backed that up with a very impressive argument.

Don't forgot to tell us how he is the toughest player in the game....far tougher than Farve. That is my favorite bed time story.
You know it's interesting that you would attack my opinion. In my post (post 232) I specifically said that I'm not going to try and refute your opinions cause your entitled to them. That's your choice.

What I did do, however, was refute your claims that "Manning would probably have a ring or two" if he had McNair's defense by, God forbid, actually backing up my post with facts and stats pointing to how Indy's D and Tennesse's D were actually very close in terms of yards allowed and points per game allowed for the past two years. Indy's D was actually better than the Titans in 2002 but of course you ignored that.

Go back to my post to see that. Once again I'm not arguing with your opinions but how you try and claim Manning would have won a ring or two if he had McNair's D. The facts just don't back that up. But then again all you did was take one line out of my post (my opinion) and try and attack that, instead of actually addressing the rest of it. You can't argue with facts, just my opinions right?

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