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Originally Posted by Conklin View Post
Okay, just got home from work...seems some butthurd exiled player by the name of fixedmind finally decided to play this game...too little too late brother

just because I don't like his outright lies he's stated, I know he's asking for votes against apaops...any of you newbies that are thinking about doing this...think twice. I promise you will be targeted and exit just as quickly as this little ******** did. I really don't give a flying **** if apa comes or goes, but anyone that rallies behind the girl cries of fixedmind jumps to #1 on my target list
that is all...happy voting everybody
The caribbean rooster headed mung muncher speaks the truth. Watch out for this dynamo of dild opic proportions. He truly is a world beater.

*end bitterness*

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