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Default SURVIVOR 7 Game thread.

Welcome to Survivor 7. a/k/a the Failboat.

Our contestants:

01. JCMElway
02. bfoflcommish
03. JLesSPE
04. Navy Broncos Fan
05. theAPAOps5
06. Conklin
07. DBroncos4life
08. Bowtown
09. ghwk
10. broncosteven
11. vancejohnson82
12. sirhcyennek81
13. ludo21
14. fixedMind
15. BroncoMan4ever
16. gyldenlove
17. DHallblows
18. canadianbroncosfan
19. Lev Vyvanse
20. houghtam
21. phibacka31
22. Falconer
23. Rohirrim
24. Boobs McGee

The rules are the simplest ever. At least for ROUND ONE. Contestants need only PM me with one vote by 2:00 pm Monday, May 7, 2012, to throw one other contestant overboard.

Failure to PM me with a valid vote by the deadline will NOT result in any sort of penalty. Your vote will simple be recorded as "no vote" or "abstained."

Results will be posted Monday afternoon, and shortly thereafter, the rules for Round Two will be posted.

The contestant getting the most votes in Round One will be eliminated and join the ranks of previous first-round super-losers.

We will proceed round by round - more or less in the same fashion - until we have only two players remaining - who will be co-winners.

Good luck!
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