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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by NaptownChief
and maybe there is a damn good reason why nobody estblished themselves as an all pro RB while he was under center....have you moved out of your parents baSeimiant yet?

oh, your still here? ok, well the reason why they've never had a allpro back is because THEY NEVER HAD ONE TO BEGIN WITH. let me guess, Bobby Humphrey was supposed to be their savior right? talk about doing some research. lets see, the great Don Shula couldnt find a back for Danny to help take the load off, another super bowl winning coach in Jimmie Johnson couldnt find a RB to help him ( after many, many trys ) and finally Davey Boy was able to get a allpro back only it was much too late for Danny. like your life, your logic is flawed and here's why.

John Elway was always missing a final piece of the puzzle for most of his career. can you guess what it was Nappy? ill give you three guesses....nevermind, you would take to long. he needed a RB and what happened when he got one Nappyboy? whoa, oh my gosh, John got a ****ing ring! but what did John have to do for most of his career to succeed genius? yea, thats right, he had to carry the load and do a lot of scrambling because of the lack of or very average running game. the same can be said for Marino, he had no running game so he had to CARRY THE LOAD. now, i want you to cut and paste this to your clipboard as a reminder on how to know your football history. OWNED.
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