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Emma Watson

Originally Posted by NaptownChief
Our pal Anus Z was struggling to debate this in a public forum but he did manage to make this brilliant post on a negative rep response to this post:

"what complete garbage. maybe if his recievers actually caught the damn thing he would have a better percentage. idiot."

Thought I would share with you for your enjoyment.

in the words of Ace Ventura: why dont you cry about it?

your idiocy has proven my point as i also posted a similiar response in this thread. but lets go even further by saying that Manning, Green, and Bulger have something in common, good offensive lines. and for the exception of green the other two have great wideouts with lots of speed. ever hear the term ' speed kills '? as far as Peytons toughness, we shall see as he hardly gets touched. not his fault of course but that proves his offensive line is doing their job. aside from this year withstanding, just like the broncos line can plug in any back and get a thousand yd runner the same can be said for the colts, queefs,and Rams O-lines. plug in any Qb and that guy will have a great year. its just common sense at this point.

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