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what's his fac

Best part: Quick decison making, movement in the pocket, blind side awareness and toughness. To name a few.
Ok , But to deny that Harrison isnt a big part of that is a stretch , I said earlier that Manning makes Harrison as much as Harrison makes Manning , and his oline does play a big role in Mannings pocket presents ...... Ans Manning does have the Marino Shuffle , Although I wouldnt call it quick , but it is quick enough ...........
Worst part: The long handoffs are not good IMO
I agree I nailed that one several post ago
Neautral :Signal calls. No mater what arguments are made. They expose the blitz. The reason why N.E. decided on an all out attack on the Colts receivers is because Belichich couldn't rely on blitz's anymore.
Here is where we part company , I think the Presnap read does more harm then good .......While what manning does works in a 2 minute Drill , I think it realy takes its toll on the olinemen , and the presnap posturing manning does isnt anymore effective then hot reads , for example , look how denver did Vs the Pats with Kanell .....
Now that the obvious is out of the way .......
I realy like Mannings mechanics , and his footwork is well within his frame , physicaly I cant find much wrong with the QB Manning , What I do find fault in is the way manning manages a game ........
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