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what's his fac

Originally Posted by yavoon
u want everything to fit in a flimsy opinion and singular anecdote. thats far more laughable than actually attempting to analyze anything.

and as for "unfortunate circumstances" generally in statistics it is assumed that luck plays itself to zero over a long enuff period of time. while this is not always a precise assumption it is generally a good assumption and when used one can arrive at useful information that can be applied successfully in the field.

instead of the other way, whining about luck and then not arriving at anything more useful than a haphazard opinion of what u like/dont like about someone.
Who is whinning ?
Flimsy ......... What Part is Flimsy ?
you are an Idiot , not my fault .......
See go back to my Knock on Manning , I didnt knock his Throwing , or his reads , I knocked his Presnap Bull , you cant see a QB drop back and look at his Mechanics , so you go with Stats .......
So much figures into a Good QB , the Oline , Running Game Recievers ......
Even down to the Game plan and the system .......
Some day you will see that football isnt a stats game ........
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