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what's his fac

Go back to what I said about my Knock on manning I was on manning for his Presnap bullShiat , not his playoff losses , or interceptions ....... As for me quoting Slap , I agree that was the case in why McNabb didnt play well ........ See you and Yavoon want everything to fit in a stat , Football doesnt work that way , you can make a Prefect read , make the perfect throw , your reciver runs the perfect route , but lets the ball pop off his shoulder into the CB hands and it is a pick it is late in the 4 th quarter costing you the game ...... Who fault is it ?
The QB gets the stat of an interception ........ Does that mean the QB sucks ?
of course not ....... you and Yavoon have to learn the game of football .......
Here is an Idea all that smart wad you braged about wasting on Sheep.... errr backside of Montana women ....... Go get some back .... you need it
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