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Originally Posted by §PideŽ
ancedotes are far more important then stats in football , The point Slap made was McNabb gamed it out with a bad wheel .......
Yeah throwing that Pick on the game winning drive sucked , I saw the Play , but not the coaches tape , so I dont remember who was or wasnt doubled on that play ....( meaning did McNabb make the right read or did he miss a wide open guy ) I do Remember McNabb rolling to the left on that throw , that tells me he was buying time for some one to break open .....
haha thats frigging comedy. anecdotes are nightmares. I mean I could prolly go get 3 or 4 griese anecdotes and we could be spending the next 5 pages yelling at each other over them.

so yah he threw 5 tds in a relatively meaningless game against who? the cardinals(I forget). and in all the nfc championship games, 2 at home, he has blown chunks.
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