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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I dunno. I thought a Dance With Dragons was stellar, but a Feast for Crows was a little slow due to all the new characters and settings. I've probably read Feast a solid five times now, it definitely grows on you at least. The series as a whole is still my favorite fantasy saga by a mile ahead of Sword of Truth and Symphany of Ages.

As for the HBO series, I think they're doing a good job on something I never thought could be brought to life. I disagree that the show is too dark as some other recent posters have opined. I think there are some great life lessons on treachery and overcoming obstacles. Above all else, I find the story one of overcoming adversity, and I fully expect the "good guys" to win in the end. I just like that figuring out whom the good guys are is difficult.
I dont think its even remotely debatable that more happens in SoS than aFfC and aDwD combined.

Combine that with him having to scrap his original plans two times over (1: to have a multi-year delay in between SoS and aFfC and 2: having to split book 4 into 1.5 books) along with his noted regrets for leaving things hanging as he did at the end of aDwD (also has said in next book all three dangling plot lines will be resolved VERY quickly) and you have exactly what I said... a very good story line that's just not executed nearly as well as SoS was.
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