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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Don't worry. The quality will fall off greatly after SoS, so its not that bad.
I dunno. I thought a Dance With Dragons was stellar, but a Feast for Crows was a little slow due to all the new characters and settings. I've probably read Feast a solid five times now, it definitely grows on you at least. The series as a whole is still my favorite fantasy saga by a mile ahead of Sword of Truth and Symphany of Ages.

As for the HBO series, I think they're doing a good job on something I never thought could be brought to life. I disagree that the show is too dark as some other recent posters have opined. I think there are some great life lessons on treachery and overcoming obstacles. Above all else, I find the story one of overcoming adversity, and I fully expect the "good guys" to win in the end. I just like that figuring out whom the good guys are is difficult.
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