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Originally Posted by DarkHorse30 View Post
Fedaykin - point taken.SPOILER: ( I'm not patient enough to assume that the kids were alive, especially after their dad bit it at the hands of Cersei's son (from her brother - really? is that a necessary plot line?) maybe I just needed to read longer but the cliffhanger getting you into the 3rd book? I read a lot but this series was too dark and too ugly to be watchable. Plus, you can't watch it with your kids either....what's the point? )
You don't understand why the Cersei & Jaime incest plot is perhaps _the_ most pivotal event in the recent history of this universe? It has ramifications that haven't even been realized yet. Westeros is divided and war torn because of it while going into what promises to be a long (10+ years) winter, the white walkers are returning and Dany is coming back to reclaim her birthright.

It's absolutely a necessary plot line -- it's what sets everything in motion. Without that plot line, life just goes on in Westeros (awaiting the return of the white walkers and Danerys anyway). It completely alters the political, military and social order of the seven kingdoms.

If you don't like -- that's fine to each his own, but you seem to be deeply misunderstanding a lot about what's going on.

Also, a story isn't any good if you can't watch it with your kids? Are you really saying that?

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